Mental Health

Those who are using drugs need treatment to end addiction and help to get back into productive society. Those refusing treatment need to be dealt with through our law enforcement and legal system. 

Those suffering mental health issues need to be connected to the proper facilities to be evaluated and ensure their safety and medical needs are met.

A team approach is required and I will lead the effort to

partner public and private entities to find productive and creative solutions to improve people's lives, our community and the public's safety in our city. 

I will seek solutions that work to end the growing problem effecting residents and businesses in Mount Vernon.

Affordable housing is essential for those who live and work in Mount Vernon. As housing prices rise throughout the region, more and more people are moving north and into our city. 

Streamlining permitting, reducing burdensome and costly regulations and working with, instead of against, builders to encourage more housing is a priority I will undertake immediately.

I will advocate for a diversity of housing to meet the many needs of our community, which will include market rate housing as well as housing to support the growing number of homeless families and children.  

Encouraging businesses to come to Mount Vernon, creating better wage jobs is another must. We have seen too many empty commercial spaces for far too long. In a booming economy, Mount Vernon should be working with our business community to help them thrive as they contribute jobs and revenue to improve our community.

I will work to encourage commerce and affordable housing for the people of Mount Vernon.

Improving Mount Vernon's infrastructure requires immediate attention. As we grow our services and infrastructure must grow with it. 

We have all seen critical failed projects due to bad negotiations, dramatically increased costs for projects and apparent disinterest in taking an active lead to work for the betterment of Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon needs a proactive approach to ensure projects are well planned, stay within budget and are necessary to improve the lives of our residents.

I will work with available county, state and private partners to help fund needed improvements to our city. I will advocate for necessary funding, work with other local governments and create a team mentality to building our needed facilities without a burden on taxpayers. 

Mount Vernon needs active solutions to ensure readiness for today and for future growth.

I will be the city's advocate to make this happen.



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